Personal project based on awesome concept by Yungun Y. In this project I tried out some of the new features in Blender such as denoising and filmic color space. Still using Cycles engine to render this artwork, except for the subsurface scattering that done in Blender Internal. Using textures from Poliigon but most of the textures that i used is hand painted. It’s almost 1-to-1 recreation from the concept aside from some tweaking that I made. Learn a lot from this project especially in the modelling part.


Panca The Son of Java Island

Panca, The Son of Java Island. My new character inspired from Batik culture from Java Island, Indonesia. This character is intended for DXC character design challenge here in my country. Learning more about working under a tight deadline really pushed me to give 120% of my ability to finished it on time. It’s been a really good experience. Cheers.

Wonder Woman

Inspired from Wonder Woman by William Moulton Marston and the new DCEU Wonder Woman Film. I decided to create 3D fan art using Blender for modelling, sculpting, shading, and rendering. PS for painting the base texture and compositing. And Poliigon for further texturing. This project was intended to learn more about human anatomy, hardsurface modelling, and leather sculpting. Learn a lot from this project. 🙂


Her name is Mawar, She is a 19 year old girl that really love listening to music, Especially Taylor Swift’s song. She is funny, she likes talking. Her dream is to meet Taylor Swift one day.


I try to learn more about creating cartoony character. And I decided to create Jessica, my character. A lot of fun doing this project and also a lot of stress as well 😀

Peter Parker

Peter Parker is one of my favorite Marvel character of all time, We can relate to his story. So, I decided to make his portrait in blender to improve my sculpting skill as well as learning more about texturing. A lot of fun doing this project.


Inspired by Hijab fashion nowadays. I decided to create something about it, so I created “Melody” using blender from scratch. A lot of fun doing this project, Experimenting with new setting and umm the real challenge I think is when sculpting the veil.

Chloe Swift

Chloe Swift, My character. You can read more about her here.

My “Dream Room”

This project was made to learn more about cycles render engine which I found to be really fun to play with the node setup in the material section. The result is incrediblely better than BI.